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At last, I'm back to update the site. It's been quite a while since I last had time to even consider adding anything here. A new section dedicated to photographic manipulations will soon be included, along with a clean up of any out of date material (quite a lot here).

The 3D image 'Orthochromatic' has been awarded a 3DTotal excellence award and the 3DM-MC professional award.

Stereoscopic gallery slowly expanding. To view the images as I intended them to be viewed, you must wear red/cyan 3D glasses.

Digital Demigod V3 is a proud winner of the Art Space 2000 award.

Several new sections have been added to the portfolio section, including a section devoted to maquettes.

Information about me can be found using the Quick Nav menu on this page.

New Digital Demigod Shop open. Click here to enter shop.

Digital Demigod V3 is a proud winner of the Golden Web Award presented by the International Association of Webmasters & Designers.

Version three of the site is finally up and running, I had a few suggestions from friends on the colour scheme and background to use. Hopefully the end result will be a successful one.

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Please feel free to contact me via the following methods:

E-mail: si@digitaldemigod.com
ICQ: 39465011

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new artwork

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Digital Demigod Shop

The Digital Demigod Shop is now open. Here you can find a range of different products that are professionally made. The Digital Demigod logo is situated on all of the products available. Click here to enter shop.

About DDV3

The Digital Demigod V3 web-site has been developed to replace the existing static portfolio, the benefits of this new dynamic version include user interactivity, increased content development and advanced data adaptation methods. Gradually understanding the web technologies available, the DDV3 site should be efficient enough to satisfy both user and administrative requirements.



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